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The Community Team is responsible for providing effective supports, liaisons, advocacy, and communications to our 5 member communities and our urban Indigenous community. The Community Team supports community planning, community prevention services and programs, and supports internal and external communications. The Team promotes healthy families through community based cultural activities, community gatherings, youth programs, parenting supports, etc. In working with our communities, we follow their lead to support them in the reclamation of jurisdiction of child and family services in their community.


The Community Team currently consists of an Acting Community Services Team Leader, Community Planner, Communications Coordinator, and a Community Prevention Worker. The Community Team was developed to align with our Society’s vision in our continued shift from a protection model towards a prevention-based model, which centers on family, culture, and community. We recognize the importance of growing our Community Team to better serve the communities we represent. Our Team strives to uphold our community guidance, traditional practices, and protocols as we continue to take bold steps to actualize change necessary for the communities we represent.


Some of the Team’s accomplishments this past fiscal include facilitating presentations about SCFSS at several in-person and virtual gatherings, establishing an in-depth community orientation for new staff, the establishment of regular community engagement meetings and file reviews with community representatives, hosting a spring and summer scavenger hunt, organizing staff to support dozens of community events, rebooting our community newsletters, an increase in social media engagement, and all our community-facing communications processes have been standardized to reinforce our branding standards.

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