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Scw'exmx means "People of the Creek" in the nłeʔkepmxcin language. 

Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society is family-centered and guided by nłeʔkepmx and syilx traditional knowledge and principles. SCFSS serves and is guided by five bands of the Nicola Valley.


We utilize both prevention and protection strategies with the goal of keeping young people with their families and communities. If short-term protection services are required, Scw'exmx Child and Family Services Society engages family, community, and Elders to support cultural identity, familial, and territorial connections with the purpose of bringing and keeping young people home.  

We recognize historical challenges and are guided by traditional strength and wisdom to build family and community capacity in a monumental shift from protection to prevention.  



About Our Logo

Significant in both nłeʔkepmx and syilx culture, the basket weaves represent divine creation. The outer circle represents the world around us that gives us support and sustains our people. The inner circle represents the people of the communities that hold us all together in strength and spirit. Our communities are represented by the five points of the basket. The sunburst peaks represent our ancestors who watch over us and guide the work we do. The large hand represents an adult guiding, loving and holding up our most precious gifts – our children. The child’s hand is loving, guiding and teaching us along our journey together. The two water lines represent nłeʔkepmx and syilx people and water signifies our healing. 

Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society

We are all somebody's 7th generation.

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