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Community Relations

The Community Relations Team is the first connection when someone makes an inquiry about a child’s or family’s wellness, requesting supports, or for questions regarding our programs and services. The Team was developed in June 2022 to ensure that each request or inquiry is reviewed from a preventative lens with the guidance from our Elders and Communities. Community Navigators work closely with Band Representatives to ensure we are incorporating community supports and direction to best support the family. Community Navigators can help connect families with our preventative supports, provide short-term assistance, or send referrals to our other service partners for additional support, as well as connect them with our Family Circles Coordinators to have the family come together for decision-making purposes. From June to September 2022, the team received a total of 72 calls, and our team connected the families with a variety of prevention supports: 10 referrals went to our Family Circles Team, 7 referrals went to our Family Prevention Team, 8 referrals went to the Youth Prevention Team, and 5 families were referred to our Culture and Language Team. SCFSS also connected 21 families to community supports.

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