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ntəxʷxwéyeteys | sxʷuytn Pathway of Change


Our approach to family concerns or requests encompasses many teams working together. 






As we continue to step away from Protection to Prevention, our Child Wellness teams remain focused on:  

  1. Being inclusive of culture, language, and ceremony in our daily practice with each child, family, and community. 

  1. Collaborating with other community supports and services that reflect the cultural values and beliefs of each child, youth, and family.  

  1. The social workers are actively engaged with community to build stronger working relationships which support families thrive and embrace their culture & language. 

  1. Build trusting relationships through best practice in accordance with the nłeʔkepmx/syilx ways of being 

Reunification Coordinator 

The Reunification Coordinator works collectively with the family unit, SCFSS teams, and community resources to preserve and reunify the family unit through culturally appropriate services to enhance the wellness of children, young people, and families. Reunification must assume a traditional, cultural, and collaborative approach to preserve the family unit. Reunification recognizes the lifelong role birth families, community, culture, and a sense of belongingness has to every child and young person. Emphasis on a three-phased approach of STABILIZATION, MAINTENANCE and SUSTAINABLILITY is the core focus in the development of this new program.  

Child Service Workers 

The Child Wellness Team only becomes involved if all other methods of prevention supports have been exhausted and a child wellness concern still exists. The child wellness worker focuses on being unintrusive and assesses concerns to help the family with supports and services. They also work closely with Band Representatives if the safety of a young person is at risk and cannot stay in the home. This team reviews incoming concerns and consults team leaders and band representatives for the next steps. They collaborate with inside supports and outside services for each family as needed, including referrals to family circles. 

Family Service Workers 
The Family Service Workers are connected to families when they need ongoing support. This team supports the safety and well-being of young people while helping to preserve the family home. They ensure the young people, parents, and families, stay connected to their culture and community. In our work with families, our goal is to work collaboratively with the family and community to determine what their needs are and connect them to supports. We also develop positive relationships with other community groups, agencies, and societies.

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Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society

We are all somebody's 7th generation.