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Family Prevention Services

Family Support Services works to provide culturally intensive support services to young people and families residing within the Nicola Valley. Assisting families in developing their individual and family wellness plans, one on one work is tailored around these plans and reviewed on an ongoing basis.  

The purpose of our work is to have families no longer living with the burdens of inter-generational trauma, as they have built healthy systems and strengthened their skills. We work to assist families in healing inter-generational trauma, and to incorporate their traditional teachings into their daily lives. We want to listen to every family and parent’s story, and work with them in a culturally sensitive way which is more meaningful and less intrusive. In doing so we provide information and culturally relevant support to reduce the number of young people in care or entering care. 

Family Circles 

A Family Circle is a facilitated meeting designed to bring all voices together to determine what is best for young people and families. It recognizes and acknowledges the right and capacity of First Nation families and communities to care for, protect, and plan for their young people. This is a voluntary process including the young person, family, and friends designed to provide families with information they need to make decisions, inform families of services and resources available, and to help avoid the court process. 

Relationship Wellness 

This program is designed to help couples identify and acknowledge their challenges and areas needing growth. It works to provide educational learning using cultural teachings. Couples will build a stronger foundation of trust and connection to self, family, community, and culture. 

Men’s Group 

Men’s group works to help men in making personal change and growth in their lives. Bringing a balanced and healthy approach, men will be helped to recognize where their healing needs to occur and allowed to face these challenges with a dedicated support network. Together, men will engage on the land and using cultural practices to bring these teachings to their everyday life.  

Women’s Group 

Women’s Group creates a safe place for women to meet and discuss matters of importance to them. Through this program women can create connections and support each other, while building their skill in presenting, crafting, and learning. 

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