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People who foster do it because they are about making a difference to the children who need it the most. All children need loving support and some one to nurture them. 


Sometimes families are overcome by their circumstances and need temporary or long-term care for their children.


We want to do our best for you so you can do your best for the children in our care. We want to make sure you are supported, given the right information, and feel confident as you make a life-changing commitment. 

Together with foster parents and other people involved with the child, we’ll create a plan to meet the child’s individual needs, while maintaining their connection to family, community and culture.



We are always looking for people in the Nicola Valley who are able and willing to share their homes and provide loving support for Aboriginal children in need.

Foster care can be provided by persons 19 years and older as long as they meet provincial requirements.  The foster care provider can be related or not related to the child. Foster care can also be provided through an agreemnts such as, support services agreement or respite. We also have out-of-care agreements that ensure the child's safety that parents approve. 



As a foster care provider, we will make sure you are:

  • included as a valued team member

  • aware of your roles and responsibilities as a care provider

  • given full information about a child before they come to you (unless in an emergency)

  • given a copy of the child's care plan which includes relevant details about the child's needs, behaviours and background

  • involved with planning for the child's future if they have been placed with you long term

  • given on-going training, including cultural awareness training.

  • given regular support, including respite care if you need a time out

  • consulted about when and where the children in your care visit their family

  • able to ask questions about decisions and plans made for the child in your care


Federation of Aboriginal Foster



We are all somebody's 7th generation.

Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society
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