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Scw’exmx Child and Family Services(SCFSS) strives to ensure an excellent standard of service delivery and strength based approaches under the leadership and direction or our member communities. 


We recognize and understand the challenges that each of our communities face and the strengths that they all have to offer.  SCFSS has endeavored to work in collaboration with our five member bands to keep families together through community based service delivery, advocacy, respect and education.


Our team at SCFSS has continued to move forward with their effort to provide a high standard of practice and develop a local service delivery model that respects that ultimate authority for the health and well-being of children rests with their families and caregivers. 


Chris Pearson
Restoring Balance Coordinator

Jacqueline Merritt
Female Youth Support

Susan Thompson
Clinical Supervisor

Lisa Post
Executive Director

Marjory Moyes
Finance Manager

Tracey Dawson
 Social Worker

Amy McKibbon
Mental Health Clinician

Vivian McBee
Kinship Care 

Brenda Emery

Robin Humphrey

Daniel Jager
Family Navigator

Allyson Sterling
Relationship Navigator

Charlene Joe
Cultural Program Coordinator 

Kyra Mason
Programs Manager 

Meg McKay

Family Circles


Nlakapamux 0629_edited.jpg

Robyn McDonnell

Administrative Assistant


Kristen Stewart
Social Worker

Kayla McBee
Social Worker

Monty Joseph
Child & Youth Care

Crystal Narcisse
File Management

Beverly Van der Weide
Clinical Supervisor


Lucinda Seward
Office Manager

Veronica Jameson

Social Worker

Monty Joseph
Child & Youth Care

Dana Boyce

Social Worker

Brittney Parks

Social Worker

Tammi MacLeod

Social Worker

Madeleine Kubi
Social Worker

Emma Joe

Language Nest Teacher

Juanita Quewezance

Finance Clerk

Tanya Pellett

Case Aide/Screener

Cely-Rae Street

CYMH Aboriginal Wellness Coordinator

Natasha Fountain

Child & Family Community Planner

Jamie Muchwitsch

Therapeutic Youth Navigator

Raleigh Isaac

Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Bent

Family Circles Coordinator


Executive Assistant

Chantelle Joseph

Social Worker

Joan Fletcher

Child & Youth Mental Health Counselor

Cathy Jameson

Resident Elder

Sonny Oppenheim

Resident Elder

Dan Manuel

Resident Elder

Victor York

Resident Elder

Natasha Thys 

Social Worker

Arnold Meyer

Programs Support Worker & Driver

Our Children. Our Responsibility.


Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society offers child protection services to the 5 First Nations Bands of the Nicola Valley. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Telephone : 250.378.2771

Fax : 250.378.2799
Email: robyn.mcdonnell@scwexmx.com

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Child & Family Services Society
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