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Our Strategic Directions

Our Strategic Directions
Our four Strategic Directions reflect the needs of the communities we serve. SCFSS recognizes the circle of priorities mirror the circles within our communities.

Culture of Caring

Change necessitates the priority of healing through the wisdom of our ancestors. We must apply traditional knowledge within practice frameworks as we prioritize culture and language throughout the delivery of our programs and services. As we continue on this pathway, we must engage with Elders and Community Leaders for guidance to ensure nłeʔkepmx and syilx traditional values are reflected in the development of protocol agreements, policies, governance and laws




Protection to Prevention

Historically a protection-based agency from governmentally-imposed policies, procedures and practices, our Board of Directors and Community Leadership prioritize an urgent and immediate transition to the use of culturally reflective prevention-based strategies across all SCFSS programs and services.


Growing Our People

We support the wellness, growth and healing of our community members. One Voice is necessary as SCFSS and Member communities introduce a new way of thinking. We recognize Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through intergenerational trauma continues to impact generations of our people. We acknowledge Post-traumatic Growth (PTG) as the healing that occurs when we share and collaborate with each other and our communities. This philosophical change will shift our practice models, programs, services and work culture as we ensure our people possess the tools and skills to embrace change.


Infrastructure Alignment

Nomadic for years, SCFSS seeks to establish roots and infrastructure stability. Community consultation is crucial as we reassess our infrastructure in support and proximity of our five guiding communities. This change must encompass the needs of our communities and presents an opportunity to work collaboratively with our communities and entertain space-sharing potential aimed at increasing community capacity.




Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society

We are all somebody's 7th generation.

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