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Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society (SCFSS) is a fully delegated agency providing culturally appropriate and holistic services through various programs to Aboriginal children and families residing on and off reserve communities in the Nicola Valley.


SCFSS believes in the importance of volunteers and practicum students to further enhance our program goals and future staffing recruitment initiatives. If you have a genuine interest in promoting the values of Aboriginal culture and self-governance, use your Child Welfare Social Work knowledge and skills to make a difference in the lives of Aboriginal children and families in British Columbia's Nicola Valley we'd love to hear from you.


It's about more than making a salary - it's about making a difference. Check back for further information!


Note: Volunteer and Practicum Student recruitment, screening and management standards and expectations are based on our Human Resources and Finance policies.

Our Children. Our Responsibility.


Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society offers child protection services to the 5 First Nations Bands of the Nicola Valley. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Telephone : 250.378.2771

Fax : 250.378.2799
Email: robyn.mcdonnell@scwexmx.com

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