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Youth Prevention

The Youth Prevention Team is responsible for individual supports to young people through culturally safe and strengths-based strategies. The Team supports young people in their holistic wellness, to enhance their family and cultural connections, and build their capacity in their journey towards adulthood.

The Youth Prevention Team works with young people and community resources to plan individualized and group activities that promotes connections, including community cultural events and outings on the land. The Youth Prevention Team prioritizes routine check ins and supports with young people on the land and out in the community rather than in-office. This approach was successful in establishing important and ongoing connection with our young people.

We take opportunity to strengthen supports with key family members to ensure a safe place for young people within the family home or community as we know young people, particularly those impacted by the child welfare system, are commonly transient. It was important to create plans with young people to establish safety and natural supports in collaboration with family members and community.

Youth Outreach 


This program focuses on building relationships and connections with our young people through sharing of resources, harm reduction kits, and meals once a month at our Collaborative Outreach BBQ. We work in partnership with School District 58, Ask Wellness, Scw’exmx Community Health Services Society, Nlaka’pamux Health Authority, Merritt Community Policing, and Nicola Valley Restorative Justice Services Society. We are expanding this program to include helping at local schools with cultural events, hiking on the land, and sharing teachings from our Elders.  


Youth Transition 


We work supporting young people transitioning into adulthood by connecting them with life skill opportunities, such as education or employment training. This works to build connections and ties to communities or nations from Elder support or community or family functions. 


Youth Wellness 


We provide direct one-on-one support with youth wellness plans curated by young people and supported through holistic and cultural approaches. The youth wellness workers then support the young person by equipping young people with knowledge and tools to help manage mental health and wellness through building relationships and providing a knowledge-base of community resources to access help 


The Merritt First Nations Policing Section (RCMP) is planning its Annual Canoe Journey for the Nicola Valley. Our goal is to help build positive community relationships with the RCMP and surrounding aboriginal communities, the various organizations and the youth. The event will be held July 16-18, 2024. Tuesday will have an arrival time of 2pm, with dinner being served. Youth will camp Tuesday and Wednesday night at the Douglas Lake Camp site (located at the Old Kamloops Sailing club—Quilchena, BC).
Our vision is to support the future leaders of the Nicola Valley in a healthy active environment by supporting youth, being respectful, demonstrating cultural awareness, working together and having fun. This is being planned in partnership with TECK (Highland Valley Copper). With the planning assistance of Scw’exmx Community Health, Upper Nicola Indian Band, Lower Nicola Indian Band, Scw’exmx Child and Family, Nlaka’pamux Health and School District #58.

It will be held July 16-18, 2024. This event is for youth between the ages of 10 and 18 years. If you have any questions or wish to help, please contact Cst. Tracy DUNSMORE, Cst. Tammy DENNING or Cst Derek VERSTEEG at the Merritt Detachment at 250-378-4262.

Click the photo to download the registration form and waiver.










Submit completed forms to: 


RCMP First Nations Policing Services:
Cst. Tracy DUNSMORE or Cst. Tammy DENNING
Merritt RCMP Detachment
2999 Voght Street, Merritt, BC
Phone: 250-378-4262 Fax: 250-315-4611

Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society

We are all somebody's 7th generation.

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