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Scw'exmx means "People of the Creek" in the nłeʔkepmxcin language. 


Scw’exmx Child and Family Services Society (SCFSS) is family-centered and guided by nłeʔkepmx and syilx traditional knowledge and principles. SCFSS serves and is guided by Coldwater Band, the Lower Nicola Indian Band, Nooaitch Band, Shackan Band, Upper Nicola Band and the Urban Indigenous population of the Nicola Valley. 


SCFSS utilizes prevention and protection strategies with the collective goal to keep children with their families and communities. If short term protection services are required, SCFSS engages family, community, and Elders to support cultural identity, familial and territorial connections with the purpose to bring the children home. SCFSS recognizes historical challenges and are guided by traditional strength and wisdom to build family and community capacity in a monumental shift from protection to prevention.



Scw'exmx Child & Family Services Society

We are all somebody's 7th generation.

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