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The Emergency Services Team was created to proactively respond to unprecedented times. SCFSS and the communities we serve are still recovering from forest fires, the COVID-19 pandemic, the 215 announcement and opioid crisis. We assist in the prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery of emergencies may face, and we work in close collaboration with other SCFSS teams and community


During the past year, we’ve identified a gap in services for the children, young people, families, community members, and SCFSS staff when we navigated through the following emergencies:

• Pandemic with COVID-19 and variants

• 215 Announcement

• Drug and opioid crisis

• Wild land forest fires

• Atmospheric river event and subsequent floods


During the atmospheric river and flood event, it was decided that an Emergency Services Team would be developed and implemented to assist SCFSS in the prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery of emergencies we are faced with.


The Emergency Service Team’s first priority was to assist in the recovery process from the floods and fires for our organization and communities. This included the development and implementation of our relocation plan, as our main office was vacated to give space for students to go back to school while School District #58 worked on rebuilding and repairing the schools after the flood. We also worked with our Operations Team on the mitigation and response to the COVID-19 pandemic for our organization and families. Our Team continues to be a part of many collaboration tables in the Nicola Valley to assist with capacity of the four pillars of emergency management (mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery) after the eventful year we had.


Though we cannot predict when a flood, pandemic, wildfire, or any emergency will occur, we can be proactive to take the steps to prepare ourselves. As a part of our annual work plan, our Team developed an emergency preparedness workshop for our caregivers, clients, and relations. We also are creating opportunities for capacity building and resource building for our Team, the SCFSS family, the community EOC members, and Relations to help prepare our communities for the next emergency. This includes many resources and communications on emergency preparedness, fire safety and family safety.


The Emergency Services Team will continue to work on the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of incident and emergency management to build healthier and safer communities.

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