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The Community Team focuses on engagement and interaction with the 5 communities and urban Indigenous population within the Nicola Valley. One of their primary focuses is community engagement, which encompasses community facilitation, advocacy, and support for community prevention activities. They also work on community development, including community planning, policy support, communications, and traditional research. 

Much of our community planning work includes holding virtual information sessions, facilitating community orientations with new staff, redeveloping protocol agreements, renewing general service and information sharing agreements, holding case file reviews, and holding regular engagement meetings to collaborate how we can support community events. 

Our first point of contact is now the Community Navigator Team. Community Navigators will do background fact finding to ensure a clear understanding of the family’s needs, which they then will bring to an advisory panel composed of resident Elders, band representatives, and team leaders from across our Society. This new process ensures families are connecting to a prevention support system incorporating all our teams and includes a holistic lens when working with families. The Community Navigator can then direct families to services we offer, community partner organizations, or prevention activities within their own communities. 

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