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Open your heart,

open your home.


Caregivers provide for the child until the parents/families are able to come back together as a family. Caregivers receive financial compensation to provide the necessities of life for the child/youth in their care (i.e. food, clothes, transportation, etc.).

There is a need for community and family members that are willing to open their homes to ensure our children stay in community. 


The Care Plan

Your social worker will talk to you about a care plan for your child. This is a plan created especially for the child to help meet their needs, so that you can understand their behaviour, ensure culture and community connection, and help them thrive in your care.


Can I Become A Caregiver? 

Our caregivers come from all walks of life. Caregivers can be married, single, or partnered; own their own house or rent one; have no children of their own, or have a large family; be working full-time or a stay-at-home parent.

Anyone over 19 years of age who has the maturity to provide care and guidance to children and youth can apply to be a caregiver. You don’t need to own your own home to be a caregiver, but you should have additional rooms in your home to ensure the child/youth in your care has privacy.


If you are interested in becoming a caregiver, please contact our office at 250-378-2771 or toll free at 1-877-378-2773.


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We are all somebody's 7th generation.

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